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Signatures for Re-annexation of the Philippines to the United States

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1 Raymundo Bulos  
2 NiloFernandez This is the right time for re-annexation of Philipines as a former trust territory of USA. We need to move on now.
3 ManuelMendoza I want the Philippines to be annexed to the USA to end the political dynasties and corruption in our country!
4 josephang  
5 San DPadayao II I hereby sign up the re- annexation of the Philiippines to USA
6 SeanDy It's about time to return the glory of the Philippines the way it used to be for almost 70 years ago.
7 georgebato no to china and corrupt politician
8 henrysantiago it is a high time that the running hell in the philippines by filipino politician stops and put discipline among its people.
9 mattisaman